• 代替できる部品品番: サーバー電源 MS906 出力電圧: 12V 3A 36W 入力電圧: 100V-240V 商品番号: AUT17947_Altri 互換 AUTEL Maxisys MS906 MS906BT MS906TS MS908 MS908P 互換品番: 12V 3A AC MS906 対応ラッ モデル: Input: 100V-240V (worldwide can be used)
    DC Output: 12V 3A 36W
    Intelligent Switching circuit will recognize a full battery & automatically switches to a save mode.
    Overvoltage, Shortcircuit protection and Over Temperature Protection.
    PCB & Cover is manufactured with Fireproofing materials.
    Low Ripple and Noise when your device is using.
    High Quality Raw Materials.
    High Power exchange efficiency to control working temperature and stable working with your device
    Power Exchange Savings more than 98% (More power exchange savings means less power wasting and working more efficient with your Devices).
    Build in Dynamic IC, Charger IC & Power fuse for rapid charging and over charge protection.
    Compatible with:For AUTEL Maxisys MS906 ,MS908,MS908 PRO(MS908P) Scanner Battery Charger
    Package Included:1 X Ac Adapter
    1 X Power Cord Cable (Match your country)

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