• 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター ADP-330GB_D 充電池種類: GSB569 出力電圧: 20V 16.5A 330W 入力電圧: 100-240V 50-60Hz カラー: black 商品番号: MSI17990ADA_1 互換 MSI GE68 Raider Power Supply 互換品番: ADP-330GB D, ADP-330CB B, A20-330P1A 対応ラッ モデル: For
    MSI Raider GE67HX 12UGS-070 Gaming Laptop
    MSI Titan GT77HX 13VI-042US RTX4090 Laptop
    MSI GE Series Raider GE78HX 14VIG-600US RTX4090
    MSI Raider GE68 HX 14VHG RTX4080 Gaming Laptop
    Package Include:
    1. 1x AC Adapter
    2. 1 free Standard plug(US EU UK AU for your choose )
    Connector size: reference the pictures(Special USB interface)
    Note : Please carefully check the power interface before purchasing
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター A20-240P2A 充電池種類: GSB565 入力電圧: 100V-240V 3.5A? 50-60Hz カラー: Black 商品番号: MSI17347 互換 MSI GE66 GE76 GE77 Vector GP76 WE76 互換品番: A20-240P2A 対応ラッ モデル: For MSI GE76 Series Laptop w/3060 Graphics,
    GE66 Series Laptop w/3070 Graphics,
    GS77 Series Laptop w/3070 Ti/3080 Ti Graphics,
    Vector GP76 Series Laptop w/3060 Graphics,
    Creator Z16P Series Laptop w/3070ti/3080/3080ti Graphics,
    Creator Z17 Series Laptop w/3070ti/3080/3080ti Graphics,
    Creator Pro Z17 Series Laptop w/A3000/A5500 Graphics,
    WE76 Series Laptop w/RTXA3000 Graphics
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター A20-240P2A 充電池種類: GSB566 出力電圧: 20V 12A 240W 入力電圧: 100-240V? 50-60Hz (for worldwide use) カラー: Black 商品番号: MSI17791 互換 MSI GE76 Gaming Laptop 互換品番: A20-240P2A 対応ラッ モデル: For MSI:GE76
    DELTA 15 A5EFK-001,
    DELTA 15 A5EFK-033FR,
    DELTA 15 A5EFK-030JP,
    For MSI Delta 15 a5efk-068au
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター A21-200P2B 充電池種類: GSB563 出力電圧: 200W 20V 10A 入力電圧: 100-240V~2.5A 50-60Hz カラー: Black 商品番号: CHI17794 互換 MSI Katana 15 B12VGK B12VFK B12VEK 互換品番: A21-200P2B A200A022P 対応ラッ モデル: For MSI Stealth 14 Studio MS-14K
    MSI Katana 15 B12VGK B12VFK B12VEK
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター A18-280P1A 充電池種類: GSB549 出力電圧: 20V 14A 280W 入力電圧: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz カラー: Black 商品番号: CHI17258 互換 CHICONY MSIGE66 X170SMG, MSI GE66 GE76 互換品番: A18-280P1A ADP-280BB B 対応ラッ モデル: 20V 14A 280W A18-280P1A ADP-280BB B Adapter For CHICONY MSIGE66 X170SMG

    20V 14A 280W AC Adapter Charger For MSI GE66 GE76 Raider 11UE 12UE 11UG

    20V 14A 280W AC Adapter Charger MSI Raider GE66 12UHS-235 Gaming Laptop

    20V 14A 280W ADP-280BB B AC Adapter Power Supply Charger For MSI GE66 GE76

    AC Input: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz
    DC Output: 20V 14A 280W
    Connector size: reference the pictures
    Warranty: 6 Months
    Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug
    SKU: GSB549
    Compatible Part Number:
    ADP-280BB B, A18-280P1A
    Compatible Laptop Models:
    MSI Vector GP76 12UGS 12UGS-434 Gaming Laptop
    MSI GE66 GE76 Raider 11UE 12UE 11UG Gaming Laptop
    MSI Raider GE66 12UHS-235 Gaming Laptop
    MSI GE66 GE76

    Package Include:
    1 x AC Adapter
    1 x Power cord
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター ADP-180TB-H 充電池種類: GSB525 出力電圧: 20.0V--9.0A, 180.0W 入力電圧: AC 100V - 240V 2.34A 50-60Hz (for worldwide use) カラー: Black 商品番号: MSI17142 互換 MSI Katana GF66 11UE-088NEU 互換品番: A17-180P4B ADP-180TB-H 対応ラッ モデル: AC Input: AC 100V - 240V 2.34A 50-60Hz (for worldwide use)
    DC Output: 20.0V--9.0A, 180.0W
    Connector: 4.5mm*3.0mm,with Pin Inside,Ref to the picture.
    Condition: 100% brand new Slim
    Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug

    Part Number: ADP-180TB H A17-180P4B
    Compatible Models:
    For MSI GF Series GF75 10UEK-003CA
    For MSI GF75 Thin 10UE-028 10UE-069
    For MSI Pulse GL76 11UEK 12UEK-052
    For MSI GF75 Thin 10UEK-029
    For MSI Pulse GL66 11UEK/RTX3060
    For MSI GF75 Thin 10UEK-007
    For MSI Katana GF66 11UE-031 NEW
    For MSI Katana GF66 11UE-088NEU
    Package includes:
    1 X AC Adapter
    1 X Free Power cord(fit your country)
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター A20-330P1A 充電池種類: GSB512 出力電圧: 19.5V 16.92A,330W 入力電圧: 100-240V 4.4A 50-60Hz カラー: Black 商品番号: MSI17753 互換 MSI Raider GE76 RTX 3080TI i9 12900HK AC Adapter 互換品番: A20-330P1A A330A018P 対応ラッ モデル: For MSI Raider GE76 RTX 3080TI i9 12900HK
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター A15-180P1A 充電池種類: GSB168 出力電圧: 19.5V 9.23A 180W 入力電圧: 100-240V 2.5A 50-60Hz 商品番号: CHI17614 互換 MSI GL65 9SEK gaming laptop 互換品番: A18A012L, A15-180P1A, 681059-001, 901571-004, APB002-025H2 対応ラッ モデル: MSI GL65 9SEK gaming laptop (graphic: GeForce RTX 2060)
    Note: NOT Compatible 5.5MM*2.5MM WITH PIN INSIDE
    One Power cord ( AU UK US OR EU for your choose)
    Compatible 19.5V 9.23A 7.4*5.0mm Charger
    Compatible Laptop Charger AC Adapter Power Supply number:
    901571-004 APB002-025H2 681059-001
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター ADP-150VB 充電池種類: GSB336 出力電圧: 19.5V 7.7A, 150W 入力電圧: 100-240V~2.7A 50-60Hz (for wo 商品番号: CHI17874_1 互換 MSI Delta GS70 2PC(Stealth)-032AU 互換品番: A12-150P1A ADP-150VB B S93-0404250-D04 対応ラッ モデル: CLEVO Z7D2 R2 GTX970M
    MSI GS Series GS70 2PE Stealth Pro Charger
    Razer 911 911-E1 911-S2a
    Razer ST-R3 ST-R2 ST-R1
    CLEVO Z7M-SL7 D2 Z7M-i78172D1
    MSI GS70 GS72 GS72S 6QD-041XCN
    CLEVO K660D-G4D3 K650D-G4D2
    Aorus X3 Plus v3 v4 v5 v6 charger
    CLEVO CP67S01 G7-SL7S2
    CLEVO CN15S02 Z7M-SL7D2
    MSI GS70 2QE-083CN
    MSI GS70 2PC Series
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-036US
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-037US
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-108US
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-031AU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-032AU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-033TW
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-035TW
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-038RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-039RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-041MY
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-046NE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-047NL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-048BE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-049LU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-055XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-062XCZ
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-064IR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-068XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-070SG
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-071TH
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-074UK
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-081NE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-082NL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-083BE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-084LU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-097XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-098XPL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-201RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-203RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-216CL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-217JP
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-217JP
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-220KR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-221KR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-223TW
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-226SA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-245RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-246RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-247RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-250TW
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-253IR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-257UK
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-259ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-260ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-266MY
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-268XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-270XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-271SG
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-272TH
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-280XPL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-281NE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-282LU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-283NL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-284BE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-285NE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-286NL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-287BE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-288LU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-408TR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-418FR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-419XFR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-419XFR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-420IT
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-424UK
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-431TN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-432TN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-433NC
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-436CL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-438FR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-441XKR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-443CN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-444UA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-445UA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-447ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-448ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-454UA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-458RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-459RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-462RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-467AE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-473AU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-477MU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-478MU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-479BR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-480BR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-484TR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-486RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-487JP
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-490XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-491XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-494ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-496UK
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-601DE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-602SG
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-604XUA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-605ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-606ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-607MU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-608XUS
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-609ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-611SA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-612ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-613ZA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-614RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-615BR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-616NE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-617NL
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-618BE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-619LU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-620XKR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-621DE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-623XDE
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-624BR
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-625XVN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-628RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-629RU
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-630TW
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-631SA
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-633XCN
    GS70 2PC(Stealth)-634ES

  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター ADP-120MH_D 充電池種類: GSB322 出力電圧: 19V--6.32A(19.5V 6.15A/6.3A), 120W 入力電圧: AC 100V - 240V 2A 50-60Hz(for カラー: Black 商品番号: CLE17338 互換 MSI Pro 20T 6M-015XEU 互換品番: ADP-120RH_D, 0432-037H000635000055, B27W68Y001N,
    ADP-120ZB_AB, A12-120P1A, A120A010L-MD03,
    S93-0403350-C54, ADP-120MH_D, S93-0403250-D04 対応ラッ モデル: For
    Asus N53sm N53sn 53sv
    Asus N53Sv-Xv1
    Asus N55Sf
    Asus N55Sf-A1
    Asus N55Sf-Dh71
    Asus N55Sf-S1070v
    Asus N55Sf-Sx047v
    Asus N550Jv
    Asus N550Jv-Db71
    Asus N550Jv-Db72t
    Asus N56Vm
    Asus N56Vz
    Asus N56Vz-Ds71
    Asus N56Vz-Xs71
    Asus N750Jv
    Asus N750J
    Asus N70Sv-X1
    MSI Pro 20T 6M-015XEU
    MSI PRO 22ET 6m-071uk 21.5" All-In-One
    MSI Pro 22ET 6M-039XEU
    MSI Pro 22ET 6M-040EU AIO PC

    Package Included:
    1. 1x AC Adapter
    2. 1 free Standard plug(US AU EU UK for your choose)
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター 19.5V 充電池種類: GSB243 出力電圧: 19.5V 16.9A, 330W 入力電圧: 100-240V 50-60Hz (for worldwid 商品番号: CLE17448_1 互換 MSI GT80 2QE-030NL Titan SLI Gaming 互換品番: ADP-330AB D 対応ラッ モデル: MSI GT80 2QE-030NL Titan SLI Gaming Laptop

    Clevo P377SM-A
    Clevo P570WM Gaming Laptop
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター ADP-180NB 充電池種類: GSB285 出力電圧: 19.5V 9.2A 180W 入力電圧: 100-240V 商品番号: MIS17742_3 互換 MSI GT60 2OKWS-674US 互換品番: ADP-180NB BC,S93-0404190-D04 対応ラッ モデル: MSI GT70 2PC-1043US Notebook
    MSI GT70 2PC-1468US Notebook
    MSI GT70 2PE-1811UK Notebook
    MSI GT60 2OKWS-674US Notebook

    Outlet: 3-prong
    Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug
    Status: Brand new
    SKU : GSB285

    Package includes:
    1 X AC Adapter
    1 X Free Power cord
  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター 180W 充電池種類: GSB289 出力電圧: 19V 9.5A, 180W 入力電圧: 100 -240V  50-60Hz (worldwi 商品番号: CHI17342_2 互換 MSI GT70 Dominator 895,ADP-180NB BC,Notebook 互換品番: Power LED indicator
    Outlet: 3-prong
    Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug
    Warranty:12 months

    Package includes:
    1 X AC Adapter
    1 X Free Power cord 対応ラッ モデル: MSI GT70 0NE-277US Gaming Laptop
    MSI GT70 Notebook ADP-180EB D

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