• 代替できる部品品番: サーバー電源 Q-75E 出力電圧: DC 9.0V---1.6A 入力電圧: 220V-240V 0.3A 50/60Hz カラー: Black 商品番号: ECN12582_Ada_Altri 互換 Nikon BC-65 /BC-80 battery total stations, Nikon DTM-831E,DTM-851,DTM-800,DTM-531E, Nikon DTM-530,DTM-532,DTM-552,DTM-632 互換品番: Q-75E 対応ラッ モデル: AC input: 220V - 240V 0.3A 50/60Hz
    output:DC 9.0V---1.6A
    usable temperature : 0-40 degree
    Part Numbers: Q-75E
    Charger plug (EU/US/UK/AU plug)
    Compatible Models:
    For Nikon BC-65 /BC-80 battery total stations
    For DTM-831E,DTM-851,DTM-800,DTM-531E
  • 代替できる部品品番: サーバー電源 EGL-Z2020 出力電圧: DC 4V 2A 入力電圧: 100V-240V 50-60Hz 0.7A MAX カラー: Black 商品番号: ECN12581_Ada_Altri 互換 Nikon NIVO 2M/2C Series DPL-322 total station Nivo C/M, Nikon NIVO 2M 5M 2C 3M 1M Total Stations 互換品番: EGL-Z2020 対応ラッ モデル: INPUT: 100V-240v 50-60Hz 0.7A MAX
    OUTPUT: DC 4V 2A
    CAUTION : Risk of injury. Charge only rechargeable Li-ion batties.
    Other types of batteries may burst causing injury
    Package Included:
    1 X EGL-Z2020 Double charger
    1 X Power Cord Cable (Match your country)

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