• 代替できる部品品番: サーバー電源 PHANTOM 充電池種類: GSB559 出力電圧: 4* 17.4V~ 4A 1* 17.4V ~2A 入力電圧: 100-240V!1A 50-60Hz カラー: Black 商品番号: DJI17163_Altri 互換 DJI Drone Special Charger 互換品番: PHANTOM 3 対応ラッ モデル: 4 * 17.4V 4A 1 * 17.4V 2A PHANTOM 3 Power AC CHARGER For DJI Drone Special Charger

    Moder : PHANTOM 3
    Input : 100-240V!1A 50-60Hz
    Output : 4* 17.4V~ 4A 1* 17.4V ~2A
    Caution :
    Dry location usb only
    For indoor usb only
    Be caution as the surface may
    Become hot in use
    Weight : 1000g
  • 代替できる部品品番: サーバー電源 Tello-01 充電池種類: GSB000 出力電圧: 4.35V 4A(branch output 1A) 入力電圧: 100-240V 50/60Hz カラー: White 商品番号: ECN12651_Altri 互換 DJI Tello Drone 互換品番: Tello-01 対応ラッ モデル: 4 in 1 Tello Battery Multi Charger Intelligent Charging Hub For DJI Tello Drone
    100% Brand New
    Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Output: 4.35V 4A (branch output 1A)
    Charging Time: about 90 minutes (4 batteries charging at the same time)
    the charger can charge 1 to 4 battery one time

    when you charge , the light is red , when the battery is full , the charger light is green
    Suitable for : DJI Tello Mini RC Drone
    charger plug /Supply : UK,AU,US,EU.
    Note! Only charger
    Note! battery not include !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 代替できる部品品番: サーバー電源 F1C50 充電池種類: GSB372 出力電圧: 13.05V 3.83A/50W 入力電圧: AC 100V - 240V 1.4A 50-60Hz カラー: Black 商品番号: DJI17829_Altri 互換 DJI Mavic Flight Battery Charger 互換品番: F1C50 対応ラッ モデル: FOR DJI Mavic Flight Battery Charger

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