• 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター 40Y7659 充電池種類: GSBOAO 出力電圧: 20V 3.25A 65W 入力電圧: 100-240V,50-60Hz(for world カラー: black 商品番号: IBM17550 互換 IBM/LENOVO 3000 C100/C200/N100/N200/V100 互換品番: Connecter size: 7.9mm*5.5mm,with central pin inside (ref to the picture).
    Outlet: 3-prong OR 2-prong
    Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug
    Code: GSBOAO
    One Power cord is included with this adapter for FREE (fit your country)
    Note: Please make sure the DC output and Connecter size of ac adapter are accordant before you bid!!!
    92P1111, 92P1154, 92P1158, FRU 92P1104, FRU 92P1106, FRU 92P1108, FRU 92P1110, FRU 92P1112, FRU 92P1114, FRU 92P1153, FRU 92P1157, PA-1650-161, 92P1159, 92P1160, PA-1650-171, 92P1211, 92P1212, 40Y7699, 92P1255, 92P1253, 92P1254, 40Y7696, 40Y7659, 40Y7700, 92P1104, 92P1110, 92P1211, 93P5026, PA-1900-171, 92P1111, 92P1156, 92P1158, 92P1160, 92P1161 対応ラッ モデル:

    IBM / Lenovo T60, Z60 Series (integrated graphics only)

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad T60-Type 1951

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad T60p

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad T61

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad T400, T400s, T500

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad Z60m, Z60t
    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad Z61e, Z61m, Z61t

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad X60 - Type 1706, 1707, 1708, 1709 , 2509, 2501
    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad X60s - Type 1702, 1703, 1704, 1705, 2507, 2508, 2533

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad X61, X61s, X61 Tablet, X61LS

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad X200, X200s, X200 Tablet
    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad X300, X301

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad R60, R60e

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad R61, R61e, R61i

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad R400, R500

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad SL300, SL400, SL500

    IBM / Lenovo 3000 Series:
    Lenovo 3000 C100, C200
    Lenovo 3000 N100, N200
    Lenovo 3000 V100, V200

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad T410, T410s Series
    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad T510 Series

    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad SL410, SL410k, Type 2842, 2874 Series
    IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad SL510, SL510k, Type 2847, 2875 Series

  • 代替できる部品品番: ACアダプター 16V 充電池種類: GSB00F 出力電圧: 16V , 4.5A 入力電圧: 100-240V ~ 1.9A, 50-60Hz カラー: ibm 商品番号: ADBM001 互換 IBM Thinkpad T30 T40 T41 互換品番: Tip:5.5mm * 2.5 mm
    Power: 72W

    02K0077, 02K5669, 02K6542, 02K6543, 02K6544, 02K6545, 02K6547,
    02K6548, 02K6549, 02K6550, 02K6554, 02K6555, 02K6557,
    02K6654, 02K6657, 02K6658, 02K6661, 02K6665, 02K6666, 02K6669,
    02K6670, 02K6671, 02K6673, 02K6674, 02K6677, 02K6699,
    02K6700, 02K6701, 02K6702, 02K6703, 02K6704, 02K6705, 02K6706,
    02K6707, 02K6708, 02K6709, 02K6744, 02K6746, 02K6747,
    02K6749, 02K6750, 02K6751, 02K6753, 02K6754, 02K6756, 02K6757,
    02K6808, 02K6809, 02K6810, 02K6813, 02K6814, 02K6815,
    02K6816, 02K6880, 02K6881, 02K6882, 02K6883, 02K6884, 02K6886,
    02K6887, 02K6888, 02K6889, 02K6890, 02K6891, 02K7006,
    02K7007, 02K7010, 02K7011, 02K7654, 04H4020, 04H6903, 08K8202,
    08K8203, 08K8204, 08K8205, 08K8206, 08K8207, 08K8208,
    08K8209, 08K8210, 08K8211, 08K8212, 08K8213, 10K0150, 10K0151,
    10K3820, 11J8956, 11J8974, 12J1443, 12J1444, 22P7091,
    22P7092, 22P9003, 22P9009, 22P9010, 22P9021, 24P0151, 31P3975,
    36H6340, 40Y7682, 59G7988, 59G7991, 73G3393, 73G3411,
    73P4485, 73P4502, 73P4503, 73P4510, 76H0139, 82K8209, 82K8212,
    83H6339, 83H6739, 85G6675, 85G6696, 85G6698, 85G6700,
    85G6706, 85G6707, 85G6719, 85G6736, 85G6737, 85G6738, 92P1015,
    92P1016, 92P1017, 92P1019, 92P1020, 92P1021, 92P1023,
    92P1024, 92P1025, 92P5014, 93P5014, 93P5015, 93P5017, 93P5024,
    93P5025, CF-AA1623, CF-AA1623A, CF-AA1623AM, CF-AA1623M
    対応ラッ モデル: IBM ThinkPad 600 Series: 600D, 600E, 600X
    IBM Thinkpad 365 Series: 365C, 365CD, 365CS, 365CSD, 365E, 365ED, 365X, 365XD
    IBM Thinkpad 380 Series: 380CE, 380D-MMX, 380E, 380ED, 380X, 380XD, 380Z
    IBM ThinkPad 385 Series: 385CD, 385D, 385D-MMX, 385E, 385ED
    IBM ThinkPad 390 Series: 390E, 390X
    IBM Thinkpad E530, S31, 240, 240X, 310, 535, 560, 570, 700, 770, 1200, 1300
    IBM ThinkPad A Series: A20, A21, A22, A30, A31, A31P
    IBM ThinkPad T Series: T20, T21, T22, T23, T24, T30, T40, T41, T42, T43
    IBM ThinkPad X Series: X20, X21, X22, X23, X30, X31, X32, X40, X41, X41 Tablet
    IBM ThinkPad R Series: R30, R31, R32, R33, R50, R51, R51P, R52, R40, R40E, R41
    IBM ThinkPad I Series: i1200, i1210, i1211, i1230, i1241, i1250, i1251, i1271,
    i1300, i1321, i1340, i1351, i1361, i1391, i1418, i1420d, i1421, i1422, i1460,
    i1480, i1482, i1500, i1720, i1721

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